Wireless Dijital Alarm Clock Phone Charger Speaker


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LED highlight backlight, open your eyes in the morning and see the time of penetration, reminding the new day of such a gentle and beautiful, suddenly enlightened, sometimes full of vitality. Bluetooth speakers are also digital alarm clocks, which support three-level brightness adjustment, which is considerate and energy-saving.

Charge your mobile phone: Put your mobile phone on the speaker before going to bed every day when it is full of energy, and help you charge it up in obscurity. It’s super satisfying to get up and fully charged!

Shocking stereo heavy bass: deep bass, loud treble, clear and powerful drums, surging stereo heavy bass auditory effect.

Dedicated companionship on the desk: clock display, worry-free charging, light music, to relax your emotions and make your day’s work more efficient and more comfortable.

Speaker power: 5W*2
Shape: triangle
Diameter: 91mm
Weight: 280g
Length: 110mm
Width: 116mm
Screen Type: LED

Package Included:
1x Smart alarm clock

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