Waterproof Rechargeable Solar Camping Lamp

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Do you want to take a walk in the garden or lawn at night? This rechargeable solar camping lamp is collected solar energy all day and then automatically turns on at dusk. The light is solar-powered, so you can place it anywhere!

Charge your camping lamps by day, and then light your way at night with this portable solar lamp. The solar panels are designed to charge the built-in battery by day, so you’ll always have light when you need it.

  • This camping lamp can be hung or set in any way you choose, providing you with flexible lighting options.
  • Compact, lightweight, and versatile with the lamp hook, it can be hung on a tent, tree, or ceiling.
  • This camping lamp is sun and waterproof and ideal for the outdoors.
  • It’s great for camping, hiking, fishing, canoeing, or just keeping in the car’s glove box in case of emergencies.
  • The camping lamp makes it easy to keep your campsite well-lit and safe.
  • With its waterproof design, it floats on the water, so you can place it in your kayak or canoe to enjoy the ambiance.
  • This product is great for outdoor activities, festivals, and even a romantic evening under the stars.
  • A rechargeable lamp adjusts its brightness to your specific needs with five different lighting modes.
  • Lantern Light has a power display. It can tell you when the time the light needs charging.


Material: ABS

Power: 20W

Size: 60mm x 114mm

Working Time: 6-10 h

Charging Time: 8h (Approx.)

Charge the charger for about 6 hours

Color Temperature: 6500K

Illumination Area: 60 square meters

Type A Working Model: High light, Medium-light, Low light, Flashing, SOS

Package Includes:

1 x Solar Lamp

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