Water Art Insulated Bamboo Coasters

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These coasters are designed with the elegant design of bamboo, making them fashionable home accessories that can be used on your coffee table or desk.

BAMBOO DESIGN: A coaster designed with the elegant design of bamboo. The pattern on the bamboo surface uses the principle of different colors of the resin to create a landscape of mountains and hills with distinct depths, depths, and near levels.

PERFECT FOR THE TEA CEREMONY: The tea ceremony drinking accessories are placed under the teacup to reduce friction on the countertop and prevent the tea from dripping onto the countertop.

CRAFTSMANSHIP: It is made with three-dimensional 3D craftsmanship of original bamboo, and beautiful patterns are carved on the bamboo surface, and then filled with the resin of different thicknesses, which is both fresh and elegant.


  • Size: 9 x 9 x 0.6(cm)
  • Material: Bamboo + resin

Package Includes:

1 x Water Art Insulated Bamboo Coaster

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