USB-Powered Baby Bottle Warmer

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When the weather is getting cold, the warm milk turns cold soon. The baby bottle heater can preserve heat for a long time, your cute baby enjoys healthy warm milk.


The digital display shows the temperature at a glance.

Adjustable temperature (adjustable between 39-48), can warm milk, constant temperature.

Suitable for household sockets, power banks, car chargers.

Put the baby bottle into the thermostat, connect it to the power source, and press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn on the thermostat. If you need to adjust the temperature, press and hold “+” or “—” to increase or decrease the set temperature when it flashes. After adjusting the required temperature, it flashes several times and automatically saves it. The next time you turn it on, it will default to the last set temperature.


Rated output voltage: 5V

Rated output current: 2.1A

Material: tritan, glass, or ppsu

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150 ml PPsu Blue, 150 ml PPsu Pink, 150ml glass pink, 180ml tritan blue, 180ml tritan pink, 240 ml PPsu Pink, 240ml glass blue, 240ml glass pink, 240ml PPsu blue, 240ml tritan blue, 240ml tritan pink, 300ml PPSU blue, 300ml PPSU Pink

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