Stainless Steel Digital Automatic Creative Bike Clock


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Innovative design: This is a 12-hour clock with “AM” and: PM”. The mechanical automatic page-turning clock adopts a very original principle but achieves a very modern effect.

It does not use pointers and does not display the time of the LCD screen. Instead, it uses a display similar to the sports scoreboard.

Precise travel time: exquisite craftsmanship and high-precision quartz movement, making the clock stable when running, low energy consumption, and accurate time.

Rugged: The sturdy casing design frame can be used for a long time.

This flip clock is a unique gift for your family, friends, relatives, New Year, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Birthday and Anniversary.

The shape is beautiful, the metal texture, the modern concentration of the atmosphere, in line with the urban consumer demand for the niche consumer fashion.

Place it on the table or at the bedside, and your guests will appreciate its simple yet charming design.

product details

Uses Explanation:

Installing the battery: Open the battery cover according to the arrow marked on the front

Adjustment time: Adjustment time by turning the time adjustor will counterclockwise


Please make 1 minute earlier that the exact time(for example,time now is 10:10,you should adjust time to 10:11)


The direction of the battery must be installed correctly

Please change the batteries every 6 months

Non-professionals do not dismantle this product

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