Sliding Mat Fitness Tool

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This fitness tool is the perfect way to add intensity and variety to your workouts. The sliding mat provides a fun and challenging new way to work your core, glutes, and legs. The textured surface ensures that you stay on your toes, while the non-slip backing keeps you safe and secure. Whether a beginner or an experienced athlete, the Sliding Mat Fitness Tool is a great way to take your workout up a notch.

  • The slide fitness Board provides a premium slide board experience that’s both fun and challenging.
  • This slide board is specifically designed to ease the pressure on your knees, enabling you to reduce injury risks and improve your progress.
  • Home gym slide exercise with shoe sleeve, mesh bag, oil wax, and release agent.
  • For those occasions when ice time is at a premium, your son or daughter can still get a quality hockey workout in the comfort of your own home, plus mom and dad can get some great cardio exercise.
  • The Slide Board packs up so quickly in its travel bag that it’s the perfect travel companion for anyone who wants to stay in game-ready shape while on the road.

Material: PP
Size: 160/200/230cm(62.99/78.74/90.55in)

What’s in the Box:
1x Slide Board
1x Mesh bag
1x Oil wax
1x Release agent
1x Pair Shoe cover

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160cm, 200cm, 230cm

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