Silicone Finger Gripper Strength Trainer

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Finger Trainer was specifically designed to exercise the muscles & strengthening their expansion, balancing everything that passed exciting.
Compact and efficient, help correct the imbalances caused by excess strengthen your muscles expansion-exciting.

3 LEVELS FOR MORE NEED. This amazing pack of 3 Finger Stretchers offers a variety of 3 levels ranging from beginners to advanced. Different resistances let you periodize the training and help to increase grip strength and better forearm development. The total finger strengthening workouts for all fitness levels help balance your grip muscles and expanding muscles from beginner to advanced!

GREAT FOR PHYSICAL THERAPY & ARTHRITIS. Do you suffer from carpal tunnel, tendonitis, tennis elbow, or arthritis? Are you on the way to recovery from a fractured or broken wrist? Serenity has got the perfect thing for you. Get your hand and finger exercisers today and see excellent results!

ERGONOMIC DESIGN FOR ALL HANDS. The Serenity hand and finger stretchers are designed with everyone in mind! Its ergonomic design is suitable for all ages and hand sizes. It’s perfect for men, women, seniors, teens, and children as well. The resistance stretchers are portable and lightweight, so you can take them along wherever you go.

FITNESS & SPORT ENTUSIASTS. The Serenity Hand Bands can improve finger strength for athletes. It is perfect for rock climbing enthusiasts, fitness, tennis, baseball, and boxers. It is also perfectly suitable for musicians like pianists, guitar and bass players. These resistance bands are also great for those who have arthritis due to repetitious and continuous typing. Take it along to the office, use it at home or anywhere!

Color: Lake blue / Fruit Green / Orange (optional)
Material: silica gel
Function: finger strecher
Lake blue rally: 4KG/8.8LB
Fruit green tension: 3KG/6.6LB
Orange pull: 5KG/11LB
Product size: 8*4*2cm

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1pc blue 4kg, 1pc green 3kg, 1pc orange 5kg, 3pcs

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