Shoe Cleaning Soft Brush

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Portable and practical, suitable for home, office, travel, etc.; used for cleaning shoes, boots, furniture, and can be used with cleaning spray. Complete the cleaning work simply and comfortably so that keeping the family clean and tidy is no longer a troublesome task, and it is also a great gift for friends.

Professional Shoe Cleaning Brush: PP long handle + PE + superfine fiber soft bristles, the middle of the brush head is made of PBF material bristles, which has an excellent effect on removing stubborn stains. Hanging hole design is convenient to hang and store, dry quickly, and more durable.

Microfiber Bristles: The bristles can go deep into the shoes and gaps. The curved brush head fits the dead corners and cleans deeply. The tip of the tail is designed to clean the grooves and dirt accumulated in the sole. Durable, healthy, easy to store, and keep clean.

Special Design: U-shaped design head, the cleaning effect is better than traditional shoe brushes, and can deeply clean the inner side of shoes from different angles. The soft silicone in the center of the brush head is suitable for most shoes. It can easily clean stubborn stains without hurting the shoes. Hanging hole design is convenient to hang and store, dry quickly, and more durable.

Comfortable Handfeel: It is comfortable to hold it, no scratching your hands, brush for easy cleaning. The long handle design makes it easier to handle when washing shoes. Let you wash the Shoe in a good mood. You can use the shoe cleaning brushes to clean any detailed places like the gaps or the inside of other places. You will easily make it be clean.

Handle Material: plastic
Size: 28.3cm * 6cm
Hair Type: PE
Brush Material: Rubber
Type: Shoe Brush

Package Included:
1x Shoe Cleaning Soft Brush

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