Shark Car Antenna Warning Light

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A car antenna light for those worried about running into a shark. The product does not replace the original antenna but is modeled after one to warn drivers of potential danger. There is no radio function with this product.

  • The product has 8 LED beads and a four-color light warning.
  • The blue and white light of this product flashes alternately, which can improve the alertness of the driver behind and prevent the driver from rear-end collision and other accidents in the case of poor sight or fatigued driving. Such as entering the tunnel, driving in the evening or at night, etc.
  • Solar energy charging, the product USES high-efficiency solar panel, which can generally be used for 3-5 days after absorbing 3 hours of solid sunshine or 8 hours of rainy weather, and 15-20 days after drinking 15 hours of solid daylight.
  • For the first use, please press the red switch button at the bottom to confirm the light is on and paste the installation after no problem.

Material: ABS

What’s in the Box:
1x Shark Car Antenna Warning Light

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BK, BL, Gold, RD, SV

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