Refillable Flower Foam Soap Bottle

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The flower soap foam bottle can refill the soap. It is a new creative way to save the environment and also save money. Dense foam deep cleansing, beautiful bubble ring, one-hand operation, kids will fall in love with this foam hand washing bottle. Flower Foam Soap Bottle is very small, take it in the hand is very easy, using bubbles to wash the hands, the child can also be a small companion to wash their hands.


Dense foam deep cleansing

Press the pump head, using the selected bubble pump head, one-click, the foam is fine and dense, and the one-hand operation is very convenient

Flower foam hand sanitizer makes children fall in love with hand washing

PET material, thick and durable

Semi-closed pump head, special flower pump head, flowers bloom from now on

Head seal, not easy to leak


Material: PETG

250ml Size: 166*81*58mm

Color: pink, blue

Suitable for: into shampoo, shower gel, hand soap, dishwashing liquid, etc.

Package Included: 1pc x flower bottle (empty bottle)

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Blue, Pink

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