Rainproof Anti-Fog Car Magic Cleaner

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Oil film removes version:

1. You can drive safely by removing the oil film on the front glass of the car!

2. If there is an oil film on the front glass, it will seriously affect driving safety, because your eyes will be severely blocked. Unclear road conditions and pedestrians ahead easily cause traffic accidents. You need a cleaner to remove the oil film to help you eliminate potential driving hazards.

3. However, ordinary cleaners cannot completely clean the oil film, only lotions can clean it!

4. The emulsion contains abrasive particles that can remove oil film, repair minor scratches and protect the window glass for a long time, so you have a new vision.

Anti-fogging version:

1. Instant Clarity: This glass anti-fogging agent will keep your mirrors and countless other types of surfaces fog-free and ready to use! It is compatible with car windshields, goggles, glasses, etc.

2. Wet or Dry Application: Spray once, scrub, rinse-protect your surface and keep it fog-free.

3. Protect your car from scratches and make the car more shiny like a new car.

4. Protect your car from aging, weathering and erosion, sun, acid powder, etc.

5. Increase the smoothness of the glass surface and keep the glass clean.

6. The hydrophobic effect causes water to bead up and roll off the surface.

Coating version:

1. Super hydrophobic glass coating, h9 hardness.

2. It can be used as a paint protective coating on the surface of a car to protect the car from aging, fading, weather and sun erosion, acid rain, industrial powder, etc. To avoid car scratches, and to make the car brighter like a new car, excellent High gloss effect, not mirror gloss.

Size: about 14*9*5cm/5.51*3.54*1.97 inch
Uses: Mainly used for car window glass or home, and the glass that forms oil film can be used
Function: hydrophobic and antifouling
Main ingredients: surfactants, nanoparticles

What’s in The Box:
Please see the images for reference.

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1Set, Antifog 120ml, Oil FIlm 100ml, Rainproof 120ml

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