Portable UV Light Tool Sanitizer Box


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The cell phone sterilizer box fits all phones smaller than 6.6 inches. Whether you have an iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, or other cellphone brands, there’s no need to worry about it not fitting your phone. The UV Light Sanitizer disinfects not only cell phones, but also face masks, keys, toothbrushes, earphones, watches, and anything else that can fit in the box. It can also be an extra aromatherapy diffuser: just put some essential oils into the aromatherapy inlet to use it as an aroma humidifier and make your phones smell wonderful.

CELL PHONE UV SANITIZER: This UV cell phone sanitizer is a convenient and safe way to sterilize your phones. No liquids, heat, or chemicals are needed.

PORTABLE UV PHONE SANITIZER: The sleek, ergonomic, and compact design of our Phone sterilizer makes it easy to bring everywhere you go. Since this phone uses a USB charger, it can be recharged using laptops, desktops, and power banks. You can clean your cell phone with its case on whether you’re at work, at home, or traveling by car.

Item: Disinfection/Sterilize box
Input voltage: DC5V
Input current: 2A
Power(Sterilize): 4w
Power(Diffuse): 1W
Max power: 9W
Ultraviolet wavelength: 253.7nm
Max capacity: 6.5 inch mobile phone
Advantage 2: Sterilization rate 99.99%
Time: Disinfection time is about 3 minutes

Package Included:
1x Portable UV Light Tool Sanitizer Box

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