Portable Digital Car Tire Pressure Tester Keychain

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The new digital tire pressure gauge is made of engineering plastics, which is sturdy and durable and has an LCD display that is easy to read. Regular tire pressure checks can reduce tire wear and extend tire life, and improve fuel efficiency, environmental protection and gasoline savings. The tire pressure gauge is very suitable for the needs of travelers and drivers who often drive. The small car tire pressure gauge is equipped with a keychain design, which is easy to carry.

How to Use:
1. Turn on the machine and press the switch to select the pressure unit you are using.
2. Use the pressure gauge nozzle to press the tire valve to make the contact between the nozzle and the valve tight, and no air leakage can occur.
3. The value of the tire pressure is displayed on the LCD screen.
4. Standard tire pressure depends on the pressure standards of automobile manufacturers and tire manufacturers.
5. This product can be automatically shut down, saving electricity and low carbon.

Package Included:
1x Portable Digital Car Tire Pressure Tester Keychain

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