Ping Pong Flexible Practice Trainer

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This toy is a great way to improve your ping pong skills and have fun with your friends. It is designed to mimic the effect of a fastball, letting you practice swinging your paddle and the correct hand action. It works with all ping pong paddles and balls.

Extremely useful products to exercise health, help children stay away from television and electromagnetic games useless. Help the whole family to play sports together at home without the large area.

  • Table tennis sets also help practice reflexes, practice playing table tennis anywhere without tables. Can play in a room, in a narrow range, very convenient.
  • Help all family members can practice improving reflexes, skills, improve health. Help your child make a rewarding choice away from useless electromagnetic games.
  • Enjoy playing with the whole family without having to go to the gym.
  • Extremely easy to play, anyone can hit.
  • No need for a table, no need for a large space to play comfortably.
  • Suitable reflex for all ages, the sport is HOT today.

Color: Black
Material: carbon fiber + metal
Product size: 90 * 15cm

What’s in the Box:
A set:1*Trainer +3 balls
B set: 1*Trainer + 3 balls + 2 rackets
C set:1*Trainer + 3 balls + 2 wood rackets

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A, B, C

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