Odor-free Bathroom Kitchen Expandable Filter Pipe

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Upgrade your kitchen sink into a double protection drainage system. The double anti-smell drain pipe is designed to filter waste residues and prevent bad odors from entering the sink. Keep the sink clean, odor-free, and easy to manage.

A properly working drainage system allows wastewater to flow quickly and freely. The flows of water will take away the dirt from hand washing or dishwashing as well as the food and grease from dishwashing.

Quick blowdown and good connection: The double anti-smell blowdown pipe is designed for quick blowdown, is not easy to be blocked, and is tightly connected to the drain of the sink with a rubber joint without leakage.

Quality: The double anti-smell drain pipe is a general kitchen sink drain pipe, made of high-quality ABS, which is durable, can be used for a long time, and is not easy be broken. Flexible and expandable corrugated design, which can be adjusted according to different shapes.

Easy to clean: The special visible check valve is specially designed to prevent a peculiar smell and will automatically close when water does not pass through. It also filters waste residues and prevents them from passing through sewage pipes.

Flexible bellows design: Flexible bellows can be easily expanded and bent into U, S, or another shape. The curved installation can help trap unpleasant odors and prevent them from entering the sink.

Easy to assemble: The double anti-smell drain pipe is designed with a rubber sleeve, which is easy to connect with the filter and ensures good sealing performance.


Name: Odor-free Bathroom Kitchen Expandable Filter Pipe
Material: ABS
Connector: 32MM, 45MM

Package Includes:

1 x Drain Pipe

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32mm, 45mm

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