Nonstick Pancake Cooking Egg Maker Gadget

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Make pancakes, crepes, and French toast with ease! This Nonstick Pancake Cooking Egg Maker allows you to create your favorite breakfast treats at home with a nonstick material that is easy to wipe clean. Simply pour in the batter and flip the pancake maker; it browns on both sides, evenly cooking each pancake. The nonstick coating means that it’s easy to clean up too.

  • This nonstick pancake maker is great for making delicious pancakes every time.
  • With silicone material, it is soft and has corrosion resistance.
  • The pancake maker can be used circularly, durable, and with low energy consumption.
  • It has a stable structure and mechanical properties, so it has a wide range of temperature resistance.
  • With corrosion resistance of detergents and other types of corrosive substances.
  • It is suitable for cooking and baking.


Material: Silicone

Package Includes:

1 x Nonstick Pancake Cooking Egg Maker

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