Non-Slip Magic Silicone Cleaning Gloves

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NEW CONCEPT CLEANING GLOVES: Gloves with brush 2 in 1, makes your housework such as dishwashing, vegetable washing, fruit washing,kitchen cleaning, car washing, pet hair care, even bathroom and toilet cleaning more convenient, save your time and energy

DOUBLE-SIDED DESIGN: You don’t have to distinguish between right and left hands, makes you freer; You can use each side to reduce the wear of gloves, prolong the service life

SLIP-RESISTANT DISHWASHING GLOVES: Wave and dot design at fingertips one side can increase friction while washing dishes, prevent tableware from slipping, the other side can quickly clean smaller areas and more stubborn stains

FOOD-GRADE HEAT RESISTANT SILICONE GLOVES: Compared with similar gloves made of other materials: ① Health and environmental protection, non-toxic, non-dissemination of odor,latex-free,PDA certification& BPA-Free; ② Solid and durable, good flexibility, resistance to kinking and deformation,low wear and long service life; ③ Cold and high temperature resistance, can be used between -40℃ and 200℃

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