The easiest way to find things.

Find your things easily. Like a thin breath of MYNT, the MYNT ES reaches your things in seconds.
  • Zero maintenance for over 1yr
  • Find item quick as lightning
  • Loud alarm for easy finding
  • User replaceable battery eco-friendly

Find your item

With a touch of the MYNT button in the app, look up the GPS location and ring your things quickly.

Find your phone

Press the MYNT button, ring the phone instantly.

Last known location

The MYNT app keeps a record of the last GPS location the MYNT ES was located.

Find your car

Leave an MYNT ES in your car. The MYNT app records the parking location automatically.

Just 80 dB

As loud and audible as a propeller plane passing by.

Smooth tune

A new acoustic chamber, quality sound at a distance.

One year battery power duration

One CR3032 ensures MYNT ES to work for one year continuously.

Detachable battery holder

You can easily change the battery within 5 seconds.

Brand new chip

Performance is improved twice as much. New embedded search algorithms are added.

Accurate loss prevention notice

Indoor or outdoor, the smart notice is 99% accurate.

Help from friends and the MYNT community

Search lost things with the help of friends, and everyone in the MYNT community. If anyone walk by and detects the lost item, the GPS location is quickly updated through the secure MYNT cloud, and the lost item will be found in no time.

New interactive guiding widgets

It is much easier now to get familiar with how to use your MYNT ES.

New smart
TIPS system

We have integrated deep learning algorithms into the TIPS system, allowing the system to provide the best operation experiences according to your habits.

More intuitive device status

All MYNTracker devices can be managed in the MYNT APP at the same time.