Multifunctional Portable Automatic Water Heater



This 2000W immersion water heater can quickly heat water without wasting too much electricity. In the cold winter, you no longer have to wait a long time to get warm water! When you use Multifunctional Portable Water Heater, you can enjoy hot water anytime, anywhere in just a few minutes. This product is excellent for anyone who lives in an area where it gets cold, and you don’t want to wait forever for hot water. It’s also great because it doesn’t use up as much energy as other products on the market!

  • This immersed electric water heater has 304 stainless steel protection.
  • Heating in water for a long time will not rust, and it can also prevent heating from direct contact with people, effectively preventing burns.
  • When the temperature is higher than 158 degrees Fahrenheit, it will automatically cut off the power connection.
  • The power cord plug has passed UL certification. It is safer than assembling wires and plugs.

    Note: It is recommended that the continuous use of the Multifunctional Portable Water Heater should not exceed 3 hours

Power (W): 2000W
Max Heating Capacity: 10L
Voltage (V): 220V
Housing Material: Stainless steel
Style: Horizontal
Installation: Freestanding

Package includes: 1x Multifunctional Portable Water Heater

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    AU 2000W With light, AU plug 2000W, EU 2000W With light, EU plug 2000W, UK 2000W With light, UK plug 2000W, US 2000W With light, US plug 2000W

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