Mini Angry Hamster Fight Board Game

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How to Play:

Lift the game board out of the box bottom, remove all of the components, and fit the game board back into the box bottom. Place the box in the middle of the playing area.

If the Sumo hamsters are unassembled, put them together by matching up the “body” and “feet” sections according to the color of the belts. Guide the tabs of the feet section into the body and twist it to the left to lock into place.
Each player chooses a Sumo hamster and places it in a “home base” at one corner of the board. (Note: In a two-player game, place the other two hamsters in the other two corners).

Place a scoring peg that matches the color of your Sumo hamster’s belt into the left-most hole behind its home base. Remember, the next player to roll the die is the one to the left of the player who most recently rolled the die (not necessarily the player who won a match).

Place the magnetic wands, food pellets, and the action die within reach of all players.


Name: Wrestling Hamster Toys
Material: ABS
Weight: 0.8kg
Packing size: 27*27*9cm
Applicable age: 3 years old and above
Package Included: Please see the images for reference

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