LED Digital Alarm Projection Clock

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This is a modern LED digital alarm projection clock. It’s ideal for people who want to use a self-powered, environmentally friendly, cost-effective time display. Thanks to its projection, you can project the screen onto your ceiling or wall. You can even use it instead of a mirror! You can use it in your office, bedroom, living room. It will adapt to any room.

The product uses a high-performance radio module, and the audio frequency range is FM76MHZ-108MHZ, which can meet the needs of most countries in the world.

The radio has the functions of automatic search, automatic lock, and automatic storage. The number of storage stations is unlimited, and the operation is simple and convenient.

The humanized design of the radio can be set to turn off time automatically, the setting time is 5-90 minutes, and the radio can be turned off according to the setting.

The volume is adjustable from 0 to 15 levels.

Large-screen LED display; the brightness can be adjusted manually. The adjustment levels are: off, micro-bright, medium-bright, and high-bright, or light sensor automatic dimming; to turn on this function, the product will automatically adjust the display brightness according to the ambient brightness.

The product has two sets of alarm clock settings to satisfy customers.

The alarm clock’s alarm clock can set the traditional Didi alarm and set the radio as the alarm bell.

Temperature display, temperature measurement range: 0℃~50℃ Error: plus or minus 1℃

Humidity display, humidity measurement range: 20%~95% error: plus or minus 5%

The product adopts an acrylic mirror surface; after special treatment, it can be used as a mirror.

Power supply: DC5V power supply

Built-in a 2032 button battery, after the external power supply is cut off, keep the product settings unchanged and the time runs normally; no need to repeat settings after the power cut.

High-definition red projection can be rotated 180 degrees, effective distance of 5 meters.


LED screen size: 7.5 inches

Material: Plastic

Product size: 185*45*91 mm

Packing size: 193*48*105 mm

Package Weight: 250g

Package Included:

Product *1

Bubble bag*1

English manual*1

1.5 m USB cable*1

2032 button battery*1

Cowhide box*1

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