Japanese Omurice Style Non-Stick Pan


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Japan’s favorite comfort food now has a new home in your kitchen. With this pan, it’s possible to cook Japanese omurice just like in Japan. This is a Japanese-style non-stick frying pan. Using this frying pan, you can make Japanese-style omelet rice (Omurice) very easily.

This pan is used to make Japanese Omurice. This pan is a must for any Japanese omurice (omelet fried rice) fan!

The non-stick coating makes it easy to slide your omurice out of the pan, so you can chow down happily.

The pan is also great for other dishes and healthy fried foods.


This pan is specially used for making Japanese Omurice, a unique pan shape is for those who enjoy Japanese food.

Cast aluminum material, economical and healthy, fast heating, durable, non-stick surface, easy to operate and clean。

The bottom is heated evenly, which can make the omelet rice better in shape.

It is a must-have for kitchen cooking, choose it if you make delicious omurice, and you can also use it to make other foods with fillings.


Material: Aluminum alloy, resin handle

Product diemension: 38 x 20 x 5.7cm

Diameter: 20cm

Metal Type: Aluminum Alloy

Capacity: 1-2L

Package Includes: 1 x pan

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