Intelligent Abdominal Exercise Belly Fitness Ring

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Compared with the traditional Hoola hoop, the smart Hoola hoop is easy to use and will not fall off. Both children and adults can use it, thus solving the problem that beginners can’t use. The dexterous Hoola hoop has two functions, side exercise, and side massage. It is suitable for people who sit in the office for a long time or who usually lack exercise. It can also be used in various indoor and outdoor scenes. You can easily carry it.

Wide Range of Applications: Suitable for weight loss, abdominal fat, postpartum mothers, office workers and students. When using this smart fitness ring, the body will quickly burn fat, make the waist slim, be suitable for aerobic exercise, help lose weight and get the most relaxing effect. Physical fatigue will disappear quickly, allowing you to have the body you want.

Removable Design: It is composed of 18 detachable parts, which can be disassembled by pressing a button. You can choose your own smart fitness ring according to your waist circumference. These parts are easy to disassemble and easy to store. we can also change the exercise intensity by adjusting the length of the rope.

Obvious Effect: Quiet Bearing, Flexible rotation, make your movement more comfortable, low noise, stable rotation, not easy to fall, smart fitness ring is the simplest and most interesting exercise We recommend that you exercise for 30 minutes a day for 5 days; you can burn up to 800 calories each time.

Matters Attention: Before exercising, make sure to complete the hoop connection and wear tight clothing; when exercising, please pay attention to the swing range of the weight ball to avoid touching others or furniture.Almost suitable for all adults and children(but not suitable for the elderly or babies).At the same time Also Mother’s Day the best gift for.


Application: Waist

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Package Included: 1 x Intelligent Abdominal Exercise Belly Fitness Ring

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Children version, Full match, navy, ORCHID

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