Household Double Side Magnetic Window Brush

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Magnetic double-sided window cleaner. Clean your windows quickly and effectively Wash and dry both sides of the windows at the same time Get twice the result with just half the effort. Can be used for sliding doors, windows, shower screens, mirrors, any glass surfaces…
Upgraded and extended window cleaner, the extended design is more labor-saving, convenient to hold, dust and water stains can be solved once, equipped with the magnetic barrier, intimate anti-pinch, safe to use
Four different specifications to meet various needs, suitable for a variety of glass thicknesses (single-layer / double-layer hollow glass)
Optimized material, no damage to the glass, strong suction, no falling, lengthened scraper design, double cleaning, labor, and time-saving
The safety rope sleeve is over 2.5 meters long. It can be put on the wrist or guardrail before cleaning the window to prevent falling; a safe distance to prevent hands from being caught is reserved in the middle to ensure safety
Instructions for use: Spray cleaning fluid and water on both sides of the window, open the window cleaner, merge it on the glass, put on the safety rope, and start cleaning. From top to bottom, from left to right, corners and corners can be cleaned thoroughly, scrub the dust, scrub the surroundings, and scrape the sewage
Material: ABS+silicone+magnet
Color model: 3-8MM blue, 8-15MM white, 15-26MM red, 20-30MM yellow
Safety rope length: 2.5M
Product size: 23*6*8.5CM
Weight: 657g blue, 420g white, 667g red, 757g yellow

Package list:
1 x glass cleaner, 8 x Cotton Pads, 8 x Buckles, 2 x Tapes

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double 15-26mm red, double 20-30mm ye, single 3-8mm blue, single 8-15mm white

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