Handheld Kitchen Washing Machine


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One machine with multiple functions, clean and worry-free
Waterproof | long battery life | 2 speeds | interchangeable brush head
Clean without damaging the surface
Support underwater work
ABS environmental protection material
Start the cleaning machine with one click, the flathead brush rotates at high speed, strongly removes stubborn stains from kitchen grease, and can protect and clean your hands in winter
The high-performance motor provides surging power to ensure a long-lasting and strong cleaning effect and strong removal of stubborn stains
High speed | Low loss | Strong power
Anti-immersion waterproof design, together with the Type-C charging port, and high-strength sealing and waterproof capabilities ensure the safe operation and life of the product.
Type-C fast charging, long battery life
2000mAh battery pack, providing 120min high-speed uninterrupted long battery life, 2.5h fast charge
Two clean modes
Configure two gears, press once to be the standard gear, suitable for ordinary cleaning, press again to accelerate, high torque, higher speed, can clean stubborn stains
Two Brush Head
Short brush: Suitable for large-area plane, ground, wall
Cleaning cloth: Applicable to places with stains, oil fumes, and other dirt, such as kitchens, range hoods, smoke hoods
Nylon tufting: High hardness and durable wear resistance
Removable brush head: easy replacement
Minimal fuselage: comfortable to handle
Charging reminder: charging green light flashing, the green light is always on after full
Waterproof level: IPX7
Charging method: Type-C
Charging time: 2.5h
Input power: 5V==2A
Working voltage: 7.2V
Power: 9W
Packing list:
Cleaning cloth wheel
Short brush wheel
Washing machine main body
Cleaning cloth accessories *3
Type-C charging cable

Size(mm): 310*310*87
Cord Length (m): 1m

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