Hand Free Extendable Baby Feeding Bottle

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Having a baby means that your hands are going to be busy for quite a long time indeed. Just feeding your baby with a bottle means that you can’t do other things. Wouldn’t it be nice to have those hands free while feeding your baby? You could check your phone, write important notes, whatever you need to do. Well, the Hands-Free Baby Feeder is here to help. It’s a hands-free system that uses a long tube that connects your baby to the bottle. The hands-free baby bottle feeder has a pacifier on one end, and a baby bottle on the other. A tube connects to the two devices and acts as a long straw so that as your baby sucks on the pacifier it will suck the milk from the bottle, allowing them to essentially feed themselves while the bottle is stored below in their stroller, car seat, or between their legs.

Set of baby bottles can be used as traditional baby bottles or as separate baby bottles
Separate feeding bottle: The nipple is separated from the feeding bottle, so the baby does not need to hold a heavy feeding bottle to drink, which reduces the weight of the baby and speeds up the baby’s independence.
The pacifier and the bottle are separated so that the baby can drink independently, which completely liberates both parents and makes parenting easier.
The pacifier is designed with feet for stable placement, and the feet have both handle and molar stick functions
The nipple is soft and light. It can drink in any posture. The areola floating design completely imitates the mother’s breast, making it easier for the baby to accept.

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