Floor Drain Filter Cleaning Tools

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Disposable drain hair catcher can be applied to every corner of your house, including washbasin, bathtub, kitchen, bathroom, laundry, etc. The disposable hair catchers can effectively catch the hair and prevent the sewer from being blocked; It can be discarded after use and replaced with a new one at any time, which is convenient, quick, hygienic and clean.

Firmly: with strong stickiness, disposable filter shower stickers can be firmly attached to the surface of the object without slipping off in the water, an essential household items

Easy to use: the sink filter is made of non-woven fabric material, convenient to remove and replace, not leaving residue on the surface

Effective and anti-slip: the sink strainer, attached to the sewer entrance, can effectively prevent the hair, paper, food residue, fabric, etc., from into the drainage pipe, making your pipe clean and unblocked

Wide application:

Metal Type: non-woven fabric
Size: 100mm*100mm/3.9*3.9″

Package included:
10 x Floor Drain Sticker

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Blue 10pcs, Pink 10pcs

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