Easy Clean No Hand Dry Wet Lazy Mop

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This mop is great for cleaning floors and other surfaces around the home. The mop’s unique design allows you to wash and dry your floors without the use of your hands!

The wash mop is perfect for any household. The mop head is made of soft microfiber fabric, which is gentle on all surfaces, including your floors. It can be used both wet and dry.

  • House cleaning saves time and effort.
  • Please turn on the faucet and wipe it up and down three times. The mop is clean, and the dirty water is directly discharged from the drain pipe.
  • Coral fleece arrangement is as delicate as hand brush cleans and cares for the ground.
  • Coral fleece arrangement mop no lint. Easily absorb hair, strong water absorption.
  • You can instantly clean any surface, such as tile, marble, wood, vinyl, etc.
  • The microfiber fabric can also be used to dry your wet floors. Not only will it pick up wet messes, but it can also be used on dry floors to clean up the dust.
  • Mop 360° swivel cleaning without dead angle.
  • The product provides more convenient drainage with an integrated drain pipe. It, labor-saving and convenient.
  • Window cleaning, wall cleaning height all supplied.
  • Water-strained hair can be easily scraped. It comes with a scraping strip.


Material: Stainless Steel/ Plastic Basket

Mop Material: Microfibers

Power Mode: Manual

Capacity: >701ml

Bearing Capacity of Mop Rod: >10kg

Weight: <2kg

Dehydration Rate: 90% -100%

Bucket Size: 16cm x 13cm x 35cm

Mop Length: 138cm

Package Includes (Hot Models):

1 x Bucket

1 x Mop Bar

3 Pieces or 5 Pieces x Mop Cloth

1 x Inlet Pipe (130 cm)

1 x Outlet Pipe (146 cm)

5 Fixed Suction Cups

Package Includes (Upgraded Version):

1 x Bucket

1 x Mop Bar

3 Pieces or 5 Pieces x Mop Cloth

1 x Inlet Pipe (134 cm)

1 x Outlet Pipe (146 cm)

6 Fixed Suction Cups

Sewer Elbow

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