Double Wheel AB Roller


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Feature :

Double wheels coaster offer stability while rolling in any direction for targeted work on obliques

Develops dynamic core strength – Ability to tone the muscles of the entire

More workout in less time – Get More Abdominal Exercises in Less Time by Moving the Stopper Away from Your Body

No Time for Gym, Traveling… Never Miss Your Exercises – Light Weight and Portable Ab Exerciser to tone your upper body (Chest, Shoulders, Arms, Abdominal, Core and Obliques)

Comfort foam mat grip gives you excellent stability for a great abdominal fitness workout for Men & Women,Adjustable height and length band provides you with the best ultimate resistance

Product description :

Product Name: Multi-function puller two-wheeled belly wheel

Diameter: 12cm

Material: pressure resistant PP / ABS engineering plastics

Net weight: about 0.1kg

Package included :

1 * Double Wheel AB Roller

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