Desktop Elegant Mini Non-Slip Trash Can


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The Desktop Elegant Mini Non-Slip Trash Can is the perfect size for your desk. Its elegant design makes it easy to clean and simple to use. The sleek, stylish design will look great on any desktop surface while also being functional! The Desktop Elegant Mini Non-Slip Trash Can has a beautiful, smooth finish that is easy to clean and won’t get damaged easily by spills or scratches.

Convenient: Press the lid design to avoid trash overflow effectively. One button is easy to open close to prevent odor from spreading.

Friendly material: It is made of eco-friendly ABS+PP material, BAP-free. Exquisite modeling, smooth inner tube, easy to clean and wash.

Large Dimensions: Adorable round figure, with a large capacity of 2L, suitable for all kinds of garbage, keep the table neat.

Occasion: Size is suitable for small spaces, such as Kitchens, offices, tabletop, and coffee bar countertop. It can hold coffee grounds, wastepaper, peelings, crumbs, and every tiny piece of trash.

Elegant and Practical design: Delicate touch, smooth edges without blemishes, easier to clean. The high foot design at the bottom is beautiful and stylish. And with non-slip mats, not easy to scratch the desktop.

Material: Plastic

Package Included:
1x Desktop Elegant Mini Non-Slip Trash Can

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