Car Solar Anti-theft Dummy Alarm Light

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This vehicle anti-theft light product can protect your property from potential thieves at night. Bright flashing LED lights to mimic the lights used in expensive vehicle alarm systems, making it easier for thieves to find targets through your vehicle.
Lights can also prevent intrusions at night.

  • Easy to install and looks clean on the dashboard.
  • No matter you put the switch on or off, it can be charged by solar energy.
  • You don’t need to put it directly in the sun. The sunlight above the dashboard is sufficient.

Note: The LED lights will flicker at night, but will not flicker during the day. (If you want it to shine during the day, you can cover the other end with dark paper.)


Size: 5*2.5cm (2*1 inches)

The switch is small. You need a ballpoint pen or a small stick to push it.

Color: blue, red

The package includes:
1 x warning light

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Emitting Color

Blue Light, Red Light

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