Car Fast Cooling Seat Cushion


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The Air-Conditioning cooling car seat cushion uses a special high-speed fan to continuously absorb the cool air or warm air at the air conditioning outlet of the car, and covers the whole car seat cushion with PE three-dimensional support space and vertical and horizontal transmission so that the cool air or warm air in the cushion space is evenly distributed, to achieve the effect of rapid cooling or warming.

  • The car seat cooler cushion is made of high-quality cotton material 3D breathable mesh fabric is fabricated, flexible and elastic, easy to disassemble, removable and durable. One cooling seat cushion 7 layers, plus care, and quality assurance.
  • When the car seat cushion is filled with cold air or warm air, the gas is continuously scattered upward, so that the contact surface of the body keeps efficient heat dissipation or warmth, so that the body does not sweat because of high temperature, and keeps the body dry and comfortable. This unique seat cushion for car is warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • The cooling car seat cushion uses the cool air or warm air of the car air conditioner itself, the cool air or warm air can fill the seat cushion in only 2 minutes, and it circulates efficiently and can quickly cool down or warm-up. Convenient operation, safe and reliable, protect escort your health.
  • Note: It is designed for the driver’s seat only.

Material Type: Leather
Material: Surface layer PU leather
Item Weight: 0.9kg
Item Length: 44cm
Item Height: 3.2cm
Function: Universal heating and cooling
Applicable Season: Four Seasons

What’s in The Box:
1x Car Fast Cooling Seat Cushion (Color: Black)

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