Baby Pet Feeding Bowl



Imitation breast milk shape: suck independently, not easy to choke, through the cleverly bionic breast milk design to keep the pet baby in the original beloved posture (on his stomach) to help you solve the problem of artificial feeding and replenishing milk for your pet baby;

  • General for preventing milk choking for cats and dogs: it conforms to the natural law of pet breastfeeding, imitating the height of the nipple of pet mothers lying down, pet babies can drink milk in a tummy position, effectively preventing milk choking.
  • Scientifically designed insect-proof protective cover: the curved design of the bowl is not afraid of mosquitoes bringing bacteria so that the baby will not be crowded when sucking.
  • Closing the protective cover can prevent mosquitoes and bacteria from interfering with the heat preservation effect, which is more durable;
  • The pacifier can be disinfected by boiling in high-temperature water: 100° boiling water for sterilization
  • The feeder is washable. Wash after each feeding and can be reused. Wash and dry before storing

Type: Bowl
​Color: purple, pink, green
Material: ABS material
Adapt to dog breeds: small dogs
Size: 11*5CM

Package Included: 1pc * puppy feeder

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green, Pink, Purple

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