Anti-Drip Automatic Coffee Machine


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High-temperature spray dripping, releasing the fullness of coffee
The shape of a simple market, both aesthetic and practical
Clock function, clear time display
500ml capacity, easy to disassemble, easy to clean
Two modes-single serving and sharing

ONE-TOUCH & AUTOMATIC BREW: just press the switch to brew and you can do other things, it will stop automatically after brewing. Brew 1 -2 cups in just 2-5 minutes. No complicated operations and special save your time.

CUSTOMIZED 5 HOLES DISTRIBUTED NOZZLE: Simulated hand pour-over, the five water flowing holes design make the coffee grounds moistened and heated evenly (Average water temperature is around 199℉). Intermittent water flowing smart programming brew extracting the essence of coffee powder. You can enjoy the original coffee.

DETACHABLE WATER TANK: The general water tank will bring about some scale that will affect our health. To keep the water clean and fresh, the coffee maker has a detachable water tank making it extremely convenient to keep it clean. MAGNETIC FILTER :The filter is made of precision double-layer stainless steel, and the design of the magnetic buckle can be removed and cleaned at any time.

Start your morning off right with a French press coffee brewer.

Color: Black
Filter material: stainless steel
Water tank material: Glass

Package included:
1 x Coffee machine

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