2in1 Portable Windshield Car Heater

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This product only needs to be plugged into the car cigarette lighter socket, put on the car window, turn on the hot and cold switch, you can adjust 360 degrees by yourself.

Fast Heating and High Efficiency: Provide high-power fans, which can quickly heat the air without waiting for the engine to warm up. This is provided by using your car’s alternator to keep the heater powered, rather than gas.

Two-in-one Function: This car fan heater can blow wind and warm wind, and is designed to quickly clean the frost, fog, and fog on the windshield of the vehicle. It is very useful in winter and can also be used as a fan to cool you down in summer.

Safe and Fast: The car heater defogger has the characteristics of automatic heating, overheating protection, low consumption, centralized air discharge, long-range, wide range, and so on. Heat up quickly, bid farewell to the long wait. However, if the temperature is very low, the 150W heater needs enough time to reach a relatively high temperature before defrosting and demisting.

  • The car heater, defrosting and removing fog, makes driving in winter easier.
  • 360-degree rotating up and down adjustment, free adjustment, let the warm air blow to the place you want.
  • Warm and strong wind, direct convection contact with the air, and quickly remove fog and frost by circulating hot air.
  • With fast heating, the overall temperature rises, and the heating wind inside the car is broken so that the inside of the car is no longer cold.

Product name: Car Heater
Product weight: net weight is about 332g gross weight is about 385g
Product size: about 135*70*64mm/5.31*2.76*2.52in
Power cord length: about 1.5 meters
Product color: black
Product material: ABS
Product performance: 12V/24V
Product power: Max 150W
Fixing method: suction cup + ordinary base

Packing List:
Car Heater*1

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12v car defroster, 24v car defroster

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